The Better brands on TLS-Amante

Does brand names matter, my dear friends? What’s in a name you might ask. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. The same can be said for anything made by Mother Nature, where everything is made to utmost perfection. Sadly the same principle cannot be said for the work of human hands where quality is not an accident but is achieved through years of dedicated Research and Development, Quality control and best practices in raw material souring. Lingerie which might look deceivingly small and easy to make, is the toughest garment piece to make in terms of fit, support and durability.
I always trust good brands and reputed websites to buy from especially online purchases. One such brand which I trust is Amante which sells at Amantehas a wide range of products which they sell at , I will share a few of my favorite with you all, below.

Teenager bra: These are the first bras worn by a young girl and so take care of all the fine points to ease he…

Alternate solutions to Menstrual pads

Pads have been a girl’s best friend since ages. As per marketing goes there was a time when switching from homemade folded cloth to a store bought pad was a big thing. India has now moved on to pads being available even in the rural areas and currently we have other products as alternative to using pads. We are all familiar with Tampons and their merits.

Purchasingfeminine productshave always been tricky for women. Going to the neighborhood store to pick up monthly pads are an evil that every girl would love to avoid if given half a chance, Well here is your full chance! You can purchase your feminine care products online now, from TLS. Rest assured that your order will be delivered with the most discretion. What’s more, there are a lot of alternative menstrual products and reusable menstrual products also available on
Menstrual cup and Reusable menstrual cup: Menstrual cupas the name suggests is a feminine hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during me…

Buying Bras Online? Points to remember before buying

I am getting a new whole new wardrobe so need to throw out a few of my very old clothes. While rummaging through my old collection I found that I had do throw out a lot of my much loved bras. As you all know, wearing the same bra for more than a year stretches the elastic out of shape so now I am left with buying some new bras for myself. While getting my bras online ,I thought that I might share some points that I always keep in mind while I buy my bras. 1. Get a correct fit. Some estimates put the number of women who are wearing the wrong sized bra as high as over 80%! The main reason for this is that they don’t get their bras fitted properly. When shopping for a bra, use the bra size calculatorfrom a trustworthy page. Always remember that your body shape changes over time, so don’t assume that your bra size hasn’t. 2. Understand your body type Remember that your overall body shape will also determine the type of bra that will suit you best. Again, check with the customer service of the …

Golden rules on how to care for your Bra and Panty sets.

I was staying at a friend’s for the last weekend. She had some interior décor work to do and I was pitching in. So while there, I was hand washing my sweet nothings as usual and she was quite surprised that I was spending time and effort in hand washing at all, anything in in general and lingerie in particular!

Thought I might share some pointers with you my dears as well on the obvious but often forgotten golden rules in lingerie care.
1. Hand washing extends the lifecycle of your well-loved bra. a good bra should last up to 6 months (of course the frequency of its use also plays a part.)
2. Washing in a machine will stretch out the elastic components of both bra and panty, decreasing its efficiency in giving the required support. A delicate lace bra and other detailed panties will also get damaged after constant machine cycles.
3. Leaving a bra unhooked in the machine will cause it to get tangled with the other clothes and damage the hook and elastic. It will also damage a well-construc…

Ultimate Nightwear Buying Guide

Talking about sleep, I find that I am a cat. I can sleep mostly any time, all time. I don’t know how well that will fit you. Though the jury is still out on the sleeping time, we can all agree that while sleeping, we all love to snug into our favorite pajamas and cuddle up. Some like it in their satin maxi while some prefer to slip into their favorite lingerie shorts. Whatever is your preference, we all need to keep certain points in mind if planning to shop women’s nightwear!
Look for comfort That is the whole point, right? We need to be wearing something that will assist us in our flight through dreamlands, not something that pokes us back to reality each time we manage to slip away to ‘snoore-zone’. Choose night dresses that are comfortable in their whole construction. Stylish, Nevertheless A girl’s nighty should always be stylish. Wearing something pleasing to yourself has an effect of calming you while at sleep, so always make sure to select nightgowns that are pleasing to the eye. Co…

Designer Lingerie & Sleepwear at TLS

Lovelies, I hope that your holiday preparation is in full swing and let me take this time to bring you up to date on the holiday fare that we, theTLSteam has in store for you.
As I always say, plan ahead; make your purchases early so that your favorite style doesn’t go out of stock.

BlushA premium brand of Canada, Blush is synonymous with quality and luxury. InBlush Lingerie at TLS, you will find delicate lacy bras with impeccable construction.
Elegant Moments: Elegant Moments, the hot lingerie brand from the US is also retailing at TLS! Elegant moments at TLS brings you all the hottest International Trends and even hard to find lingerie pieces.

Dermawear: Dermawear is the topper in shaper wear and you get to buy your shape-wear single pieces or multi pieces.

Heart 2 HeartThis name that reminds us of playful naughtiness combined with comfort,TLS brings to you the best ofHeart 2 Heartthrough many styles in Baby dolls, sleepwear etc.

Inner Sense: TLS appeals to touch your inner you throug…