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My neighbor had come over for tea the other day. A young career mom in her mid-forties, she has a daughter in high school and two younger children in primary classes. I usually admire her way of dressing and holding forth in between all the things that can go wrong, but that particular evening she was quite not herself. Even her impeccable dressing style was not up to her usual standard!
While we shared tea and home baked cookies, she suddenly asked me “Where can I get post-mastectomy products for myself, any idea?” I was shocked .She then proceeded to tell me that all these years when I was admiring her picture perfect life, she was battling one of the fiercest enemies known to mankind, cancer and what’s more, she came out a winner! All this ,without ever missing a single second of “oomph!” I introduced her to the Mastectomy category on, where you can shop even your feminine care products from the comforts of your home. The range of products for post mastectomy car…

The Better brands on TLS -Inner Sense

Talk about grocery shopping !I was at the local store the other day and found that there wasa whole section dedicated to “Organic Food” that sold everything from milk to vegetables and cereals! I was advises by my trainer at the Gym to stick to and organic diet that included a lot of fresh greens and fruitsand that how I landed there. The sheer variety of food stuffs that are available as organic is just awesome! I will let you on a secret, organic lingerie too is available! You don’t believe me? Check outInner Sensewhich is India’s premier name in organic lingerie. Out of all items in lingerie , Bra and Panty occupies the prime position . Online panty and bra shopping can be very comfortable and relaxing and rewarding if you choose the right brands. Shopping Inner Senselingerie is a smart choice as their lingerie is organic, anti-odor and anti –microbial. Among the many lingerie categories, Inner Sensehas many useful categories in their kitty.
Push up bra: This category is the most sor…

The Better Brands on TLS-Sweet Dreams

Sleep, I find is the most under rated activity of them all, sometimes to the point of being even ignored as an important requirement. To all the sleepy kittens out there I am with you on this one. The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be over stressed. Uninterrupted, comfortable continuous sleep for 8 hours does wonders as compared to intermitted, disturbed sleep for 10 hours. A lot of factors play a crucial role in helping us to remain in that blissful cloud of sleep, which includes our mood to what we wear. Choosing the right sleep wear is of utmost importance in having a relaxing sleep. Let me introduce one such brands, Sweet Dreams that retails quality sleep wearat has made the buying of women’s Pyjama online very easy and hassle free. A plethora of styles in cute pajama setsare available on their easy shop page , Premium brands of India have chosen as their chosen portal to sell their quality …

Sweet Dreams chooses to retail at


The Better brands on TLS-Amante

Does brand names matter, my dear friends? What’s in a name you might ask. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. The same can be said for anything made by Mother Nature, where everything is made to utmost perfection. Sadly the same principle cannot be said for the work of human hands where quality is not an accident but is achieved through years of dedicated Research and Development, Quality control and best practices in raw material souring. Lingerie which might look deceivingly small and easy to make, is the toughest garment piece to make in terms of fit, support and durability.
I always trust good brands and reputed websites to buy from especially online purchases. One such brand which I trust is Amante which sells at Amantehas a wide range of products which they sell at , I will share a few of my favorite with you all, below.

Teenager bra: These are the first bras worn by a young girl and so take care of all the fine points to ease he…